Booking and accommodation rules

1. “Booking an apartment” (BOOKING) is a mutual agreement between the customer and the contractor, as a result of which the contractor undertakes to provide the apartment (apartments) selected by the customer within a specified period, for which the customer pays the contractor an amount equal to the apartment. Without payment, the process is called an “oral agreement” to rent an apartment daily.

2. To confirm the booking of the apartment you need to pay the amount of the cost of the first day of rent (or more in high season and holidays), the term of payment – the day of its registration, if you pay later than this period, agree on payment with the manager.

3. In case of further rent of the apartment daily for the terms stipulated in the reservation, the amount of the reservation is part of the rental value and is deducted during the final payment for the rent.

4. In case of cancellation 21 days before the first day of the lease or earlier, the amount of the reservation is refunded to the customer less the cost of receiving and sending money. This rule does not apply to booking an apartment for the New Year and May holidays, which you will be notified when booking.

5. In case of refusal of rent or change of lease dates by the customer in the terms later than the terms stipulated in item 4, the amount of reservation is not returned and is payment of the performed services on selection and booking of the apartment.

6. When filling out the application, indicate which booking method suits you, in the reply letter you will receive details for payment.

7. Apartments that we rent for rent are designed for a certain number of guests, so specify exactly how many guests book an apartment. Otherwise, it is possible to review the cost of rent or refuse to rent an apartment for a day without refunding the deposit. Apartments are rented for living. For other rental purposes, be sure to agree them with the manager.

8. At the time of moving into the apartment, you must pay the entire rental period less the amount paid into the booking account (ie accommodation is paid in advance on a mandatory basis). If you have booked an apartment for 5 days and decided to stay for 2 (this is a change of rental dates) – the reservation is considered invalid, the amount for the reservation is not refundable, and the manager offers options available to you for the period.

9. In case of cancellation of the daily rent of the apartment on the initiative of the tenant, the amount of prepayment is refunded less the penalty amount. The usual penalty amount is equivalent to the cost of 1-2 days after the date of notice of cancellation of the lease, depending on the time of notification and vacancy of the apartment. The rental price can be revised based on the period of residence.

10. We book any apartment for a period of 1 night, which is offered on the site and is free and of interest to you. To find out if the apartment is available, fill out the booking form or contact us.

11. The rent of the apartment is calculated on the condition that the time of moving into the apartment after 13:00, the time of eviction before 11:00. The time of eviction from the apartment does not depend on the time of arrival in the apartment.

12. When booking an apartment in the high season and on holidays, BOOKING means paying a larger amount, up to the entire rental period of the apartment daily.

13. Reservations are activated only after receipt of payment. You will receive a letter confirming the reservation, dates of arrival, departure, apartment address and other details. If you still have questions about booking or living in an apartment, be sure to agree on them before payment. Otherwise, it is considered that the tenant has made the payment after reading the terms of booking and renting the apartment daily and undertakes to comply with them.

14. Apartment rental days are considered from 13:00 to 11:00 the next day. If you want to enter the apartment before 13:00, be sure to notify the manager in the order.

15. Without the received prepayment the reservation of the apartment is not activated daily, therefore carefully send data on money transfer, do not use not stipulated payment systems, methods of prepayment. If the money transfer is not received BOOKING is not considered active, and you are moving into a vacant apartment at the time of your arrival.

16. If the customer has paid for the BOOK, it remains valid until 20-00 of the first paid day, if the customer has not notified the Manager of late arrival in the application. Later, the apartment can be rented by the administrator.

17. If you want to book a transfer from the airport or railway. station you have to pay it in advance.

18. If you book a transfer when booking and cancel it less than 24 hours before arrival, the transfer fee is still taken into account when paying the rent.

19. In case of force majeure (accident in the house, lack of water, heating, electricity, court injunctions, accident on the street, etc.), the apartment will be replaced by the same or better apartment of the same value.

20. We guarantee 100% occupancy in the booked apartment, excluding force majeure.

21. After the calculation you will be issued a receipt for payment of rent, which is a full supporting document for the accounting department.

Apartment rental rules

1. To rent an apartment you need to have an identity document (passport, passport, rights in plastic). Customer information retained by the contractor is provided by the customer voluntarily, is confidential and not subject to disclosure.

2. We rent apartments in Ivano-Frankivsk for housing.

3. If you rent an apartment for other purposes (office meeting, birthday, shooting, etc.) – you must notify the manager. Otherwise, it is possible to refuse the lease without refunding the deposit.

4. If you come with animals, you must notify the manager. Otherwise, it is possible to revise the price in the direction of increase or refuse to rent without refunding the deposit

5. If you have ordered a transfer from the airport or railway. At the station you will be met by our driver with a sign “PODOBOVO” and delivered to the apartment. The driver’s duty does not include the services of the carrier, so if you ask for it, do not forget to thank him. In case of long wait (more than an hour) the cost of the transfer will be increased by the cost of downtime.

6. The driver will take you to the apartment, where you can pay the entire rental period, and the necessary documents will be filled out, the keys will be issued.

7. If you want to book a transfer from the airport or railway. station you have to pay it in advance.

8. If you do not order a transfer, we are waiting for your call from the airport, train station, at least 30 minutes before your arrival at the apartment. If possible, our representative will try to meet you at the apartment.

9. If you want to move into the apartment during non-working hours (from 20:00 to 9:00) you will have to get the key and pay. The next one will be waiting for you, who will give you the key and accept the payment.

10. At the time of receipt of the keys to the apartment you sign a contract for daily rent of the apartment, pay the full term of your stay, according to the reservation and insurance deposit (at the request of the manager), which will be returned to you on the day of your departure. and phone the rented apartment and the key to the apartment.

11. Payment for rent of the apartment is accepted in hryvnias.

12. Upon receipt of the key to the apartment and payment, you will be notified of the details for connecting WiFi internet in the apartment.

13. Prices on our website are given in hryvnias per day of rent (the day is considered from 13-00 to 11-00 the next day). The price is given for the whole apartment, not for the number of residents.

14. On the day of your departure, our manager will come to the apartment to pick up the key and check the equipment, furniture, apartment.

15. The list of services that are included in the cost of daily rent of the apartment.

16. In case of damage caused by the tenant to property, apartment, third parties, he is obliged to pay damages.

17. Additional services, the quality of services of which does not depend on us (telephony, internet, cable TV …) do not affect the cost of renting an apartment. In case of violation of the provision of such services for technical reasons, the rental price is not refundable, and you will be offered another option for the apartment.

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